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Nature's Gift for Vitality

Noni Elixir – General Health 500 ML, Noni Juice, Combo 3 Pack

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Product Details

Noni Elixir:

By utilizing the most prized Indian herbs and upholding the highest standards of quality and hygiene, Health Care Products' is dedicated to offering the best nutraceutical goods under our brand, "Noni Elixir". We provide high-quality medical supplies that integrate conventional wisdom and cutting-edge science in appealing ways.

Benefits of Noni Elixir-General Health:

A nutraceutical beverage called Noni Elixir - General Health improves general health and stamina. The nutritional drink can be used by all ages in the recommended dosages for the prevention of life-threatening illnesses from the cellular level because it has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and health-enhancing characteristics.

How long I should take Noni Elixir?

Noni Elixir is a safe natural health enhancer can be used every day as part of health routine to enjoy good health. Though you can see positive results within 2 to 3 weeks of time, we recommend you to use it at least for a period of 6 months to 1 year regularly to experience prominent benefits.

Noni Elixir is medicine?

Noni Elixir is not a medicine. Noni Elixir is not an alternative to medicine or food. It can be used with any medication.

Who can take Noni Elixir?

All age groups and all categories of people can take Noni except infants and pregnant women.

Taking care of Noni Elixir:

  • Check the date of expiry
  • Check the shrink seal is intact on the cap and Neck with the hologram
  • Do not leave the Bottle open.
  • Do not drink Noni Elixir directly from the Bottle.
  • Always use the measuring cup. Do not use the Noni Elixir Bottle cap for measuring.
  • Do not pour Noni Elixir back into the Noni Elixir Bottle from the measuring cup or from the drinking cup.

Please understand that Noni Elixir is made with natural ingredients. Proper care should be taken for the product to give you desired shelf–life. Being made with natural ingredients color, taste and thickness of Noni Elixir may vary, but efficacy will not change.
Noni Elixir – Shelf-life is 18 months, if not opened. After opening use it within 30 days.


The information contained in this booklet is meant to educate the public about mentioned ingredients and the use of Noni Elixir Nutraceutical Drink. The manufacturer of Noni Elixir does not make any claim of prevention, cure or remedy for any disease. For any medical condition always consult a qualified health consultant.

Noni Elixir – General Health 500 ML, Noni Juice, Combo 3 Pack

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